• ・ Large diameter objective lenses for bright and sharp images.

    ・ Viewing time and coin type set to required specifications.

    ・ Simple installation and dismantling for easy relocation.

    ・ Rugged and waterproof structure for use in all outdoor conditions

Model BL-8H
Magnification 20×
Objective Lense Diameter 80mm
Field of View
Exit Pupil 4.0mm
Diopter -0.75D(fixed)
Interpulillary Distance 66mm
Elevation 30°
Depression 30°
Rotation 360°
Viewing Height 1600mm or 1350mm
Battery Lithium DC 3V(1pce.)
Viewing Time 60, 90, 100, 120 or 150 sec.
Usable Coin as requested
Operation One opening per one coin
Max receipt of coin 500coin
Size(H×W×L) 1680×230×425mm(66.1×9.1×16.7in)
Weight Approx. 31kg(69lbs)