An astronomical observation


Binoculars are extremely useful tools for astronomical observation. KOWA's YF30 Series binoculars are particularly well suited for watching the night sky. The product line includes 6x and 8x magnifications with a 30mm objective lens diameter. The lightweight design keeps the binoculars under 500g and the wide interpupillary distance adjustment range between 50 and 70mm ensures these models can easily be used by people who have narrower eye widths and by children.

For persons wishing to further specialize in astronomical observation, we recommend our GENESIS 33 8x magnification binoculars. View the cosmos in even greater clarity through Kowa's four XD (eXtra low Dispersion) lenses in each pair of GENESIS binoculars to reduce chromatic aberration and provide high contrast in the field of view.

detail for YF30-6 detail for GENESIS 33 8×33

Photograph of an astral body


Fiery nebulas, open clusters with multitudes of tiny stars, microcosmoses several million light years away-the breathtaking mystique of the cosmos, which can only be seen with a telescope, stretches out before you. Wouldn't you like to capture beautifully crisp shots of this amazing and ever-changing universe as if these celestial bodies were at your fingertips?

The KOWA PROMINAR 500mm F5.6 FL makes this possible by limiting chromatic aberration through its use of one fluorite crystal lens and two XD (eXtra low Dispersion) lenses, resulting in images that remain sharp all the way to the periphery of the field of view. Further, by exchanging the optional mount adapter, this exceptional product can be utilized as three different telephoto lenses, not just as a 500m F5.6 lens, but also as a 350mm F4 lens and 850mm F9.6 lens. In addition, this telephoto lens has a lightweight form with a main unit weight of only 1.9kg so it is also compatible with small-sized equatorial telescope mounts. Enjoy photographing the wonders of the universe using the KOWA PROMINAR 500mm F5.6 FL!