KOWA Vision Processor

Extensive image
processing library

A wide variety of libraries are available based on our accumulated experience in optical technology.
Besides the various inspections, our inspection technology can be also used for logistics applications.

User Interface

From simple settings according to the usage scene,more advanced and detailed items can be set.
We cover everything from general-purpose inspections to specialized inspections.

01Defective Product Judging

It is possible to realize energy saving, improve work quality, and increase the work speed by automating the defective product identification work which was previously conducted mainly by visual inspections through using deep learning image recognition technology based on image data.


●Automation of visual inspections of products and raw materials

Changing from conducting inspections visually to discovering defective products using deep learning

02Flaw Detection

This specializes in detecting various types of scratches and foreign objects. The utilization of deep learning based on samples enables the same level of accuracy in discovering scratches and foreign objects as a skilled human inspector. Even fine scratches which are difficult to detect in visual inspections can be discovered in a few seconds.


●Automation of visual inspections of products and raw materials

Scratches in hairline finishing

03AI Character Recognition

The character recognition rate is enhanced while utilizing deep learning to correct defects in printed characters such as missing, partially deleted, and faint parts.
Character recognition can be conducted not only on flat surfaces, but also for inspections of containers including cylinders, elliptical cylinders (oval-shaped), and square bottles.


●Reading of slips in logistics processing

Method for inspecting label printed characters

Product Specifications

Model KP-VP1D
Processor Type CPU
Memory 8GB
Storage 256GB
LAN RJ-45 x 2
USB USB3.1 x 4
Display HDMI x 2
Power Requirements Max. 35W
Housing Size(mm) H195 x W75 x D124
(Excluding projections)
Weight 2.05kg
Operating Temperature / Humidity 0ºC to +45ºC / 20% to 80%
(No condensation)
Storage Temperature / Humidity –20ºC to +60ºC / 20% to 90%
(No condensation)